8 Products to Help With Rainy Day Blues

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As an elementary school teacher, I’m no stranger to all sorts of art supplies.  Chalk and oil pastels are usually the most popular mediums for kids but you really can’t overlook how much fun the basic marker and crayon are either!  We had a particularly hard week in terms of weather a couple weeks ago and my class was stuck inside for recess all day the entire week.  (Insert HUGE wide-eyed emoji here!) Needless to say, it was rough on all of us!  I have various games my class can play while they’re inside for recess, but I also love it when my students choose to do some kind of art with their free time instead.  It got me thinking of some possible new art supplies I should look into just for these kinds of bummy rainy days.  After some searching, I narrowed the options down to 8 colorful products to help with rainy day blues.


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