8 Products to Help With Rainy Day Blues

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As an elementary school teacher, I’m no stranger to all sorts of art supplies.  Chalk and oil pastels are usually the most popular mediums for kids but you really can’t overlook how much fun the basic marker and crayon are either!  We had a particularly hard week in terms of weather a couple weeks ago and my class was stuck inside for recess all day the entire week.  (Insert HUGE wide-eyed emoji here!) Needless to say, it was rough on all of us!  I have various games my class can play while they’re inside for recess, but I also love it when my students choose to do some kind of art with their free time instead.  It got me thinking of some possible new art supplies I should look into just for these kinds of bummy rainy days.  After some searching, I narrowed the options down to 8 colorful products to help with rainy day blues.


Air Marker Sprayer

How cool is this Crayola Air Marker Sprayer?!  Introduce your kids to the world of airbrushing with an easy-to-use marker sprayer.  It takes the ink right out of ordinary markers and turns it into a controlled mist of color.  The kit does come with stencils, but I think it would be neat to see what kids could come up with on their own as well!!  With a little bit of newspaper spread around, I can see this leading to hours of fun!!


Twistables Mini Crayons

Crayons with a twist, literally!  Twistable crayons are traditionally wax crayons that you twist up as they become dull.  No messy wrappers or shaved wax left behind.  Crayola has all sorts of twistable crayons and markers here.


Emoji Maker

My youngest two boys are still too young to have phones.  They love getting on mine and sending their dad messages.  And by “messages”, I really mean strings of emojis that somehow make sense in boy talk. They would love this Emoji Marker Maker so they can send their crazy emoji messages any time they want.  With the kit, you make your own stamp markers with your choice of color and emoji expression.   🙂


Color Alive Animation Studio

Interactive coloring?  Ummm…. awesome!  Rainy days will gladly be spent inside as kids get to mix coloring and technology into one incredible action-packed project.  Using the Color Alive app, you simply hover your device over the coloring page to import a character into the app.  You can then manipulate a special mannequin into any position, taking pictures with each new pose, and the mannequin responds within the program.  The result is a fully kid-created animated scene.  Amazon sells the original Color Alive Studio as well as extension packs for Frozen, Minions, Iron Man, and so many more!


Window Art Designer

Who wants to make another picture for the fridge when you can make art for the window instead?!  Crayola’s special Window Art Designer lets kids create their spectacular works of art right on the window instead of needing paper or a canvas.  The markers wipe right off and won’t ruin the glass.  It’s like stained glass without the stain.


Melt & Make Crayons

It might be sad and gloomy outside, but you can make things hot and melty inside with Crayola Melt & Make Crayons.  The kit will walk you through how to melt America’s favorite waxy coloring tool into truly unique pieces of art.


Model Magic Mini Messages

Rainy days never drag on when you spend your time thinking of others!  Pass the hours with this Mini Messages kit where you can make heart felt messages for friends and loved ones alike.



Dry Erase Activity Center

If my students are ever struggling to stay focused, one of my best tricks for bringing them back to attention is to get out the dry erase boards.  It always amazes me how much they bounce back just because they have the dry erase boards out!  Get that same kind of reaction at home on a rainy day with the help of Crayola’s Dry Erase Activity Center.  Kids can play games and do activities time and again all without ever having to get out any paper.  Simply wipe and create!


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