Precious Ideas for a First Birthday Photo Shoot

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Making it to Baby’s first birthday is such a bitter sweet moment.  Has it really already been a year!?  How did time pass so quickly?  And yet, what a marvel it has been as you’ve observed all the growth and learning that has passed.  Document the big ONE with these precious ideas for a first birthday photo shoot.

One Year Later

Oh how much they grow in just one year!  Recreate a newborn photo by reposing the same way for Baby’s first birthday.  Photo.


Cake & Kisses

Sweet cake and even sweeter kisses make for a precious way to capture Baby’s first birthday!  Photo source.


Chalkboard Captions

Point out all of Baby’s fabulous first year feats by having her pose with a captioned chalkboard.  Via.


Up, Up, Away!

Life is on the rise when balloons are near!  This balloon idea is a fun way to highlight summer birthdays.  Via.


Santa’s Little Helper

Highlight the best Christmas present you ever received with this bright photo idea.  Turning one IS pretty magical!  Via.


Winter ONEderland

Keeping with a winter theme, this gold and sparkly backdrop makes for an enchanting Winter ONEderland.  The O-N-E block letters and cake are perfect finishing touches.  Via.


Best Friends

It’s Baby’s best friend’s birthday too!  Pulling cuddly pals into first birthday pics is a cute way to remember first friendships.  Image.


12 Fantastic Months

12 months to dapper! Use a collage of monthly milestone photos to highlight the big ONE.  Photo source.


Birthday Crown

The quintessential photo for Baby’s first birthday is with their cake.  Make your photos stand out from the rest by adding an adorable “one” crown on top of HRHs, well, crown.  Photo source. 


Sibling Surprise

While it’s nice to have pictures that focus on one of your children individually, I always love looking back at pictures that show sibling relationships.  Get big brother and/or sister in on the first birthday photo shoot to capture some silly sibling fun.  The look on his face is priceless!  Via.



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