10 Things To Pack In Your Hospital Bag

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The birth of my three boys were such incredible experiences.  These are memories I never want to forget.  But let’s be honest here… I’ll gladly forget the next few days after the births.  You know, the days when you’re stuck in an uncomfortable hospital bed in pain, your body’s doing weird things, you don’t have your normal shower, and you just want to be home.  The best you can do is pack as much of your home comforts with you to help those days be as bearable as possible.  Here are 10 things to pack in your hospital bag (that you might not have thought of).

Hair Ties

That’s so nice that there are those women in TV shows and movies who have babies with their hair down and still look gorgeous after the delivery is over.  But for the rest of us in reality-land, you’re going to want some hair ties.  The last thing you need is your hair getting in your face as you’re busy trying to push a football out of your end.  You also won’t want to worry too much about doing your hair in those days after the delivery as well.  My favorite hair ties are the metal-free Ouchless kind by Goody.


Facial Wipes

You can’t always work a shower around visits from family and friends, but that does NOT mean you can’t keep your skin looking clean and fresh!  Facial wipes are perfect for quick touch-ups that will keep your face oil- and shine-free.  My absolute favorite wipes are Burt’s Bees facial cleansing towelettes.


Flip Flops

Hot, swollen feet.  Plan on it.  Ease some of the discomfort by packing flip flops to let your feet breath.  My Sanuk flip flops are some of my most comfortable!  They come in all sorts of varieties.


Phone Charger

Do NOT forget your phone and device chargers!  You’ll be so bored without something to look at and play with.  Plus, you’ll be glad to be able to schedule times for visitors.  Image.



Have some extra cash on hand for vending machine drinks and cafeteria breaks.  Your husband will especially thank you for thinking of this.  Image.


Comfy Socks

Hospital staff will do their best to keep you comfortable, but it can still get cold in hospital rooms.  Pack an extra pair of comfy socks to keep your toes happy.  They’re not always the prettiest, but slipper socks are seriously the BEST for puffy, pregnant feet!


Extra Bag

Not only are you going to head home with an extra person, but you’ll also have more gifts, paper work, and items you weren’t planning for.  Bring an extra bag to fill with all your new things.  Ju Ju Be has some really adorable bags you’ll love!


Belly Bandit

I can not tell you enough how much I love the Belly Bandit!  I was given one for my third delivery and it made me wish I’d had one for my first two as well!  For any kind of delivery, from regular to C-section, the Belly Bandit helps you feel like your insides are right back where they belong.


Breast Pads

If this is your first pregnancy, you won’t have had experience with breastfeeding yet, but you won’t want to forget to be prepared for this new experience.  One thing you’ll need are breast pads.  I always liked the nursing products at Target. Here’s a helpful list of tips for using breast pads.



Hospitals do clean used gowns but when you consider all that those gowns go through and absorb… just yuck!  I heard about Gownies a few years ago and have been giving them as gifts to expectant mothers ever since.  Everyone who’s received one tells me how much they LOVED having it!!  Plus, it never hurts to have a little extra style in the hospital.  Find them here.


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