DIY Salt Dough Ornaments for Kids

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I always love hearing about people’s favorite holiday traditions.  It’s like a little peek into the most special inner workings of a family.  A few of our family favorites include Lego advent calendars, constructing gingerbread houses from scrap, watching A Muppet’s Christmas Carol, and making salt dough ornaments.  We make a few ornaments each and choose a favorite to add to our Christmas tree as part of our yearly decor.  My boys (and I!!) love pulling out all the ornaments from years past and reminiscing all of our special holiday memories.  Whether you’d like to add this activity to your list of holiday traditions or just want something to do on a cold, snowy day, here’s a complete guide to making all the best DIY salt dough ornaments with kids.



Keep It Simple!

I’ve tried all sorts of salt dough recipes over the years to make our tree ornaments, but I’ve learned that the best ornaments ALWAYS come from the most simple recipes.  Some recipes will call for equal parts salt and flour while others will call for double the flour to salt.  I recommend playing around with a few recipes to find your favorite, but I’ve found that the best recipes are those with an equivalent of 1 Cup flour to 1/2 Cup of salt and 3/8 Cup water.  Simply double or triple the recipe to make more ornaments. Recipes with equal parts salt and flour tend to crumble more easily over the years.  If you find that 3/8 Cup of water isn’t quite enough, just add a few drops more until you get a smooth dough.  Image.


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