Here’s Why Every Expectant Mother Needs Belly Armour

Here’s Why Every Expectant Mother Needs Belly Armour| New Mom, Pregnancy Tips and Tricks, New Mom Hacks, New Mom Tips and Tricks, Parenting, Parenting Hacks #Parenting #NewMom #Pregnancy

Our digital age has certainly led to some downright incredible advancements.  Just think how much cell phones, cars, and cameras have changed in the last 20 years alone.  But all those advancements have also brought us into some unknown territories, including the impact devices are having on our health.  Only in recent years has research been able to show trends and provide data to keep us informed on how to best care for our health as we move forward with increasingly present technology.  But even if technology is negatively impacting the human body, the great thing about it is that we have the ability to fight back.  Enter:  Belly Armour!

What is Belly Armour? It’s one concerned mom’s answer to protecting her unborn baby, herself, and even her husband’s health from the potential risks of radiation emitted by technological devices without having to fall off the grid by giving up all device usage.  The company makes radiation-neutralizing clothing, blankets, and more using specialized materials all without killing style. How does Belly Armour work and is it really effective or just another scam intended to play on our vulnerabilities?  I’ve done the research for you and have all the answers here.  Here’s why every expectant mother needs Belly Armour.


Radiation 411

The human body is designed to withstand the natural radiation that exists within our atmosphere.  What the body isn’t designed for is all the extra radiation being emitted by sources such as wi-fi, computers, microwaves, and cell phones.  This is particularly true for tiny, developing bodies.  More and more research is emerging with evidence of how excess radiation is harming children as they grow.  But we don’t need to feel defeated!  Read here what leading world experts are saying and doing take action against the harmful effects of over-radiation.


RadiaShield® Technology

One way to protect against overexposure to radiation would be to stop using your devices.  And since that’s so practical (NOT!), Belly Armour has created a material called RadiaShield® that neutralizes excess radiation through reflection and absorption.  Learn more about this amazing technology here.


Protection For Everyone

One great consideration Belly Armour has given to their products is safety for the whole family.  Their stylish maternity shirts keep Mom and Baby safe while even Dad can be rest assured from the harmful effects of radiation while wearing his own boxer briefs.


Beyond Clothing

Another reason every expectant mother needs Belly Armour is to take advantage of their non-clothing products from nursing blankets to anti-radiation monitors.  What peace of mind you can have knowing that you aren’t loading your nursery with radiation-emitting devices!


Quick Tips

Aside from protecting your baby and yourself from harmful radiation by using Belly Armour products, here are additional quick tips for reducing cell phone and other radiation exposure.

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