10 STEM Challenges for Kids of All Ages


In today’s technological world, there’s no doubt your children will need to develop some strong science, technology, and engineering skills.  Get your family pumped about STEM with these 10 simple challenges for kids of all ages.

Newspaper Fort

 What kid doesn’t like building forts?  Take the fun of building a cool fort and turn it into a hidden lesson on engineering, design, and architecture.  Find the activity here.


Bridge Structure

Most of my favorite lessons to teach my students involve reading a story and then doing a related activity.  After all, teaching is at it’s best when you can combine curriculum.  This fun little bridge building activity is a perfect example.  Learn all about the process of engineering behind bridges after reading The Three Billy Goats Gruff.  Trample over to A Little Pinch of Perfect for more details.



What?!  A personal hovercraft!?  Kids will absolutely delight in the fun of this STEM activity all related to forces and motion.  It also puts all your old CDs to use again.



Simple machines are part of the National Common Core Standards.  One of the most memorable activities I do in my classroom each year is a simple machine workshop in which we build all 6 simple machines.  The pulley activity is particularly cool for kids.  Some are more complicated than others but I like this one because it’s both inexpensive and easy to build.  Pull up the DIY info on Little Bins For Little Hands.


Balloon Zip Line

Another great experiment for teaching about forces and motion is the balloon zip line.  My students and I love setting up 2-6 strings in a row and having balloon races.  Find the activity here.  Mess For Less also shares a version of the fun here.


Shake It Up!

Combine engineering with a lesson about earthquakes with this sturdy STEM activity.  Give kids various materials to build as sturdy a structure as possible to try to withstand the effects of an “earthquake”.  Shake out more details from Teachers Are Terrific.


Gummy Genetics

Without a hands-on activity, lessons about genetics are about as effective as keeping kids off of technology.  I love this simple genetics simulation using gummy bears as a visual.  Effective AND tasty!  Beary nice!  Source.


Good Vibrations

Teaching children about sound and light can be tricky since they are things you can’t observe.  But here’s a lesson that makes the good vibrations of sound a topic kids can understand while getting in some silly laughs as well.  It really is pretty cool!  Buggy and Buddy ring out all you need to know here.


3D Book

Making sense of light and the visual spectrum is another difficult concept for kids to grasp.  Help them wrap their eyes around the basics with a fun project making 3D comic books.



BB8 and R2D2 think this is a STEM activity everyone will love!  Build robots that really move with just a handful of essential materials.  Science Buddies shares how to construct 10 basic robots here.

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