12 Date Night Ideas With Your Kids

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I have always believed that moms and dads should make time to spend with each child individually.  I’m not talking about attending a soccer game, piano recital, or something else that’s already scheduled… I mean setting aside special time for no other reason than just to enjoy one another’s company.  This kind of one-on-one time with parents helps give children a strong sense of self, better communication skills, and a better understanding of the world around them.  Here are 12 ideas for date nights with your kids, and here’s one of my very favorite ideas from The Dating Divas. 


Visit Local Nature Center

Explore the world around you by visiting local nature centers.  You child will love going on adventures with you as you visit and learn about life sciences, animal and plant life, and natural phenomena.  Check out Best Nature Centers to look up activities you can do with your child in your area.


Build A Bird House

If you can’t get out to a local nature center, bring nature to you instead by building a bird house together with your child.  Not only will you have fun constructing the house, but you can keep enjoying the happy memories every time you watch the birds out the window.  Here’s a great list of bird feeders you can make in under an hour.


Laser Tag

Get your child active by taking him/her to play laser tag.  Not only will they think it’s cool that you’re playing along with them, but laser tag is a fun way to teach team work, communication, and sportsmanship.  You can look up local laser tag arenas on Where To Play Laser Tag.


Mini Golf

Miniature golf is one of my favorite activities to do with any of my three boys.  Unlike other sports outings, golf allows you to slow down and talk while still having the challenge of a sport to keep your evening going.   Golf is also great because it teaches children about fine motor skills and PATIENCE!  Read more here.


Make Ceramics

Go out for some creative fun by visiting a local pottery or ceramics center.  Pottery making is another ideal activity for being able to talk and bond over a shared interest.  Plus, you’ll love using your special pottery pieces time and time again at home.  Our favorite ceramics studio is Color Me Mine.  Click here to see if there’s a location in your area.


Science Experiments

If there’s one thing I’ve learned as a teacher about student’s interests in school, it’s that they LOVE science!  Even those who are most reluctant at first come to find that science is actually pretty cool when you get yourself involved.  But science experiments aren’t only great when done at school!  Share your love of learning with your child at home by conducting any of these way neat experiments or more.


Research Excursions

Another way to get involved in your kid’s education is to go on research excursions for date night.  If your child is learning about dinosaurs at school, take him to the dinosaur museum.  If your daughter is doing a report on birds in her writing class, take her to the aviary for some hands-on research.  Date nights with kids are all the more memorable when they’re spent with meaningful purpose.  Here’s a great article all about the importance of taking children to museums.


At-Home Campout

My boys have adopted my love for travel.  But travel isn’t always reality.  However, you can still take advantage of the quality time and bonding that take place during travel by bringing the adventure to your own backyard.  Set up a tent (or sheet fort in the home), grab some popcorn, and have fun sharing some campfire stories all from the comfort of your backyard.   Click here for 7 ideas for backyard camping from Parents.com.


Nature Hunts

From hide-and-seek to hidden picture books, kids just love the challenge of finding hidden objects!  Make a date night of it by going on a nature scavenger hunt and discovering the world around you.  Download a free hunt guide here.



Instead of gathering around a TV or movie screen, take your child out for some live story-telling instead.  They might be reluctant at first but they’ll come around sooner or later (even if they don’t admit it).  Find a list of current Broadway tours across America from Broadway.org.



While I think you have to be careful not to pamper your child too much, an occasional mani-pedi date night can be a fun and sassy way to spend quality time together.  She Knows shares 5 tips for taking your child to a manicure.


Cooking Classes

For a twist on going out for dinner, take your child to a special cooking class for some bonding time instead.  You’ll still enjoy great food but you’ll be learning practical skills as well.  Perfect!  Williams Sonoma offers kid-friendly cooking classes across the nation or you can look up other cooking lessons in your area with a simple Google search.

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