Dollar Store Classroom Tips For Teachers


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Whether you’re a teacher yourself or just helping out in the classroom, you’ll know that every penny counts when it comes to room decor and organization.  You learn to get pretty creative with using items in unexpected ways so you can have the best run classroom as possible.  If you’re looking for some great ideas to stretch your budget and have an efficient classroom, here are dollar store classroom tips for teachers.

Of course, you’ll need to hit the Dollar Store to incorporate these into your classroom. Get a special offer when you shop online using this link!

Shoe Organizer

Use plastic shoe organizers to store arts and craft supplies.  I can definitely see this being a better alternative to storage drawers where crayons and pencils just end up scattered throughout the drawer.  Image source.


Bulletin Background

Changing out your bulletin board is both fun and a bit tedious.  My least favorite part of the job is having to start all over again after ripping the entire thing down.  One step that helps make the job a little less overwhelming is to keep a more permanent background up so you don’t have to start from scratch every time.  Fabric is one solution but plastic table cloths from the dollar store are another excellent (and very affordable) solution!  Source.


Sealable Plastic Bowls

There are ALWAYS things to store and organize in a classroom.  A-L-W-A-Y-S!  From paper clips to math manipulatives, tickets, stickers, and dice, dollar store sealable plastic bowls are a wonderful solution to keeping all your small items together safely in one place.   See the idea here.


Oversize Dice

There’s something pretty magical about big dice to kids. They love getting the opportunity to roll that cube and see what outcome lies in store.  Use them for math and other learning games by using the pips/dots, or cover the pips with other instructions for lessons related to language arts, science, history, and writing.  Source.


Privacy Folders

Help keep little eyes from wandering by making your own dollar store privacy folders.  Start by purchasing trip fold posters and cutting them in half.  Then, just reinforce them with sturdy tape and you’re ready to prop them up for use.  I like using privacy folders with kids who are easily distracted and need help focusing on what’s before them.  Read more from Undercover Classroom.


Cookie Sheet Drying Racks

Don’t rearrange your whole room just to make space for wet art work to dry.  Dollar store cookie sheets can easily be stacked without ruining your students’ hard work.  See the idea here.


Magnetic Cookie Sheets

Another clever way to use cookie sheets in the classroom is to make magnetic boards for organizing attendance, lunch count, classroom jobs, etc.  Read more about it here.


Craft Station Lint Roller

When it comes to art projects, wet wipes and paper towels can sometimes actually spread the mess. Sticky lint rollers are a much more effective way to clean up without spreading the mess first. See more on Grade School Giggles.


ID Badge Covers

Help keep your students organized during rotation center time, fire drills, picture day, assemblies, and much more by having them wear name tags.  Use clear dollar store ID badge covers to keep the name tags in good condition all year long.  Image source.


Crate Storage

Create new storage space directly next to student’s desks to cut back on classroom wanderers and crazy transitions.  No more need to get out of your seat 27 times when you have textbooks, writing materials, cleaning wipes, and more within an arm’s reach.  Idea seen here.


Book Return Bucket

Help library day go much more smoothly by collecting books in a bucket first thing in the morning.  It’s one less thing for everyone to remember as you head out the door and make your way into the library.  Dollar stores have all sorts of buckets and baskets from which you can choose.  Idea seen here.


First Aid Kit

Being prepared for emergencies can add up quickly!  Stock up on dollar store items without breaking the bank so your classroom can be emergency-ready.  Get some great tips from Preparedness Mama.








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