Fast Hairstyles for Lazy Parents

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I’m a mother of 3 boys.  No daughters.  I grew up with sisters, but apparently I’ve forgotten what it’s like to get ready in the morning with girls because when I had my nieces at my house for a couple days last week, I didn’t even think to consider helping them do their hair.  Oh. My.  They had all sorts of fancy requests for me!  But in the end, we were lucky just to make it out the door with them giving me mildly grumpy looks for making them settle with pony tails.  In lieu of our crazy, simple hair mornings, I decided to look up a few easy-to-manage hair styles even I can handle.  Here are fast hairstyles for lazy parents.


Double Twist

If you can twist things in your fingers, you can definitely pull this adorable hair do off!  Just twist back a small section of hair on each side of the part and secure with cute clips.  You can do this with wet or dry hair.  Twist and shout!!  Via iVillage.


Twistback Flip Under

Twist and pull back the sides before gathering the middle in for a ponytail and flipping it all inside out.  It’s easiest when wet and especially cute when you pull it off more to the side than the middle.  Get more info here.


Side Part Pigtails

Add some modern style to the classic pigtail look by parting hair on the side rather than down the middle.  If you pull it back a little messy, all the better.  It is SO adorable!!  Lil Miss shares more here.


Topsy Top Pigtails

Here’s another cute and easy variation on pigtails.  You’ll just simply twist high pigtails up into messy buns and add fun bows to pull it all together.  Via Twist Me Pretty.


Bang Braid

Keep those annoying bang hairs out of your little one’s face with this simple bang braid.  It’s as quick and easy as pulling a front section of hair together and tying into a side braid.  The end.  See the style here.


Top Knot

I do my hair in a top knot whenever I’m in a rush myself so why not do it for a little girl as well?!  Have her flip upside down, gather her hair like you’re going to make a super high pony tail, but then gather it all into a messy “knot”.  The messier, the better.  Bows are a great way to add a bit of sassiness.  Find the style here.


Half Up Bun

This half up bun is a great style for wet or second-day hair.  Simply pull the top half up into a bun and leave the bottom half down.  See the idea here.


V Wrapped Pony

Change up that tired old pony tail with this fancy wrap around.  Begin by pulling back the hair like a normal pony tail and then take the sides and wrap them around the opposite side of the pony tail to make a V shape.  See the tutorial here.


Pigtail Baubles

Give traditional pigtails some bauble flair with this two minute hairstyle.  Part dry hair down the middle and pull each side into a loose pigtail at the base of the head.  Then tie 3-4 more elastics down the length of the pigtail, being sure to lightly pull the pigtails slightly back out of the elastics to create the cute baulbled look. Via Livingly.


Mouse Ear Top Knots

I love this spunky little do for short cuts!  Without taking any of the bangs, you’re going to gather the upper half of each side of the head before twisting each section into a coiled up bun.  Tie each bun with an elastic or ribbon and away you go.  See the full tutorial on A Cup of Jo.

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