Easy DIY Teepees for Kids


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There’s something pretty magical about forts.  You can make a fancy reading nook, a super cool clubhouse, or a sleepover haven.  And while forts made out of sheets and blankets are fun, teepees are their own kind of awesome.  Here are easy DIY teepees for kids.

Drop Cloth

With basically just PVC pipe and drop cloth, you can create this simple but fancy 4 corner teepee.  Best part of all?  This DIY can be done for under $20!  Thrifty & Chic gives all the details here.


Drop Cloth 2.0

Use 6′ wooden sticks for another version of a drop cloth teepee.  The string lights are a bright idea for some extra fun.  Visit Sweet Teal for this DIY tutorial.


No Sew Fabric Teepee

Use a collection of fabric scraps to create a unique and colorful teepee like this one from ehow.com.  Not confident in your sewing skills?  No problem!  Hot glue can be used to hold the fabric together!


Triangle Pattern Teepee

With 8″ long wooden poles, this teepee makes enough room for the whole crew.  It would make for a fun summer hideaway or club house space.  You’ll cut and sew fabric triangles to have this teepee pitched in a matter of hours.  Get a full tutorial from Fleece Fun.


Fabric Weave

This excellent fabric-weave teepee is one of my favorite options.  I love how the woven strips of fabric and canvas wrap around the 7 1/2″ x 6″ frame in an authentic looking way.  With plenty of space to stretch out and a closable entry, it’ll be hard to get your kids to come out!  Head over to the Handmade Home to learn more about the project.


To Sew Or Not To Sew

Toddlers will love this pint-sized teepee made just for them.  Moms will love the pint-sized tutorials given for both sewing and non-sewing options.  Win-win at its best.  Head over to The Thud for more info.


Stitches and Beads

The stitches and beads on this fantastic teepee are perfect for giving a nod to the real deal.  To add to the authenticity, paint on some hand prints and other Native American symbols.  The peek-a-boo windows are especially fun as well.  Find the idea from Apartment Therapy.


Spot & Fido Too!

 Spot and Fido want in on all the fun too!  Craft a miniature sized teepee for your pets so everyone has their own secret hideaway.  The little banner is adorable near the top!  Get the 4 step tutorial from Guo Betty right here.

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