Cleaning Checklists for Kids of All Ages

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I’m sure you’ve never experienced asking your kids to complete a chore only to have them report back ten minutes later having only done part of the job.  At times they’re so proud of their work that it’s hard to tell them otherwise.  I’ve learned over the years as a mother and teacher that the best way to ensure that a project gets truly completed is to make sure you’ve fully explained it before they start and also to provide a check list for them along the way.  To get those household chores done the right way, here are some great cleaning checklists for kids of all ages.

Kit Lists

These cleaning checklists are great because they’re kept with cleaning kits made for specific household chores.  Laminate them and have kids mark off each task as they go along.  Get free printables of these kit lists for every room of the house here from Must Have Mom.


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