10 Life Skills You Should Teach Your Kids

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My oldest son just turned 14 (WHAT!?).  Of course I’m biased, but that kid is such an incredible young man.  Without needing any prompting from his father or myself, he started a lawn care business last summer and worked as an intern at our local zoo.  This summer he has kept himself busy job shadowing as a computer programmer and coder.  He has so much going for him!  There’s been a couple of days this summer, though, when it’s become really apparent that I failed to teach him some important life skills.  Case in point:  He asked if I could help him make scrambled eggs.  This came only a few days after he needed my help folding his laundry.  This all got me thinking… what other skills do I need to make sure I’m teaching my boys now?  I’ve pulled together a list of 10 life skills you should teach your kids before they move out.

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