DIY Mermaid Towels for Kids


I have a handful of very girly nieces.  Very!  One of them is about to turn 7 and she is dead set on having a Little Mermaid party for her summer birthday.  She asked me if I’d make her one of those knitted mermaid tails.  I laughed at first, but quickly took the request much more seriously when I realized this Ariel-In-Training meant business (!!!).  When it came down to it, I just can’t commit the time needed to knit a full-on mermaid tail, but I found an alternative that would not only give us one mermaid tail but can easily make enough to invite all the other merpeople under the sea as well.  Here’s my DIY tutorial for making your very own mermaid towels.

Look at this towel, isn’t it neat?
Now my great mermaid collection’s complete!
Wouldn’t you say I’m the girl
The girl who has everything?!
Before you begin, you’ll need to have two bath towels.  Fold one in half, and cut out a mermaid tail with one end being tapered.  Taper the end just enough to give it that mermaid tail look but with enough room that your Little Mermaid will have room to walk.  Also be sure to cut the tail wide enough at the top so that it’s as wide as your child plus about 2-3 inches on both sides.
Look at this tail, adventures untold
How many wonders can one mermaid hold?
Lookin’ around here you’d sing,
“Wow, she’s got everything!”
Next, grab and fold the second towel in half.  Cut out two tail-shaped pieces.  You might want to use a template for this step to ensure that both tail pieces match up.
I’ve got gadgets and gizmos aplenty
I’ve got whooz-its and whatz-its galore
You want thingamabobs?
I got twenty
But who cares?
I have this…
mermaid tail!
 With all your pieces cut out, now you’re ready for some sewing.  Keeping the right sides together, stitch the main part of the towel together along the side seams.
I want to be where the people are
So they can see
They can see me swimming
Floating around with those
Whadd’ya call ’em? Oh, fins
With the sides stitched together, fold an inch down from the top and sew to make a casing.  Leave about an inch unstitched and pull the stretch waistband elastic through the casing.  With the elastic pulled all the way through, stitch the last inch of casing together.


Down where they swim
Down where they float
Down where they stay all day beneath boats
Wandering free
Now I can be
Part of that world!
With the tail and waist ready to go, now all you need to do is attach the fins.  To do this, start by stitching the two fins together.  For a slightly fancier mermaid tail with “scales”, add decorative stitching to the middle of the fin.  Last, pin the fin to the bottom of the tail and sew the pieces together.  That’s it!  You’re done.  And now your Little Mermaid will happily be part of the undersea world!

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