Homemade Play Dough Recipes For The Entire Year

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With boys who love to build and construct, playdough has long been a favorite in our household.  It didn’t take long for me to know that with how often the dough was being used, I needed to experiment with different recipes to find the best that would last the longest.  After some exploring and then to testing, we found some great recipes.  Our favorites, however, aren’t just the doughs that last the longest, but that smell and feel the best too.  Here’s our list of  favorite playdough recipes that are perfect for every month of the year.  June is a particular favorite of mine.  Which one are you going to try first?

1. January- Snow Dough

Make the most of those cold winter days spent stuck inside with glittery snow dough.  This has sure saved us from boredom on a handful of occasions!


2. February- Valentine’s & Chocolates

Nothing says Valentine’s Day like pink and chocolate!  Have fun playing with these scents of the season by making chocolate and strawberry shortcake playdoughs.  These would make such perfect Valentine’s gift ideas instead of candy!


3. March- Rainbows & Pots of Gold

Celebrate the season of St. Patrick’s Day with gold treasure and rainbow sparkle playdoughs.  No doubt those tricky leprechauns will want to join your kids in all the fun!

4. April- Spring Peeps Playdough

Whether you observe Easter or the season of spring in general, Peeps have become an American tradition around the month of April.  I don’t really like to let my children eat these airy sugar bombs, but we compromise on using them in some super fun spring time playdoughs.  To get more info on the recipe and directions, take a peep on Parenting Chaos.

5. May- Dirt Dough

The weather is drying out and summer is knocking on the door.  It’s time to get outside and play!  Just not in the dirt.  But you CAN play inside with dirt play dough.  This would also be great for school projects and models with biomes. Use coffee grounds to get the main color and texture with this recipe.

6. June- Coconut Quicksand

Welcome summer and the season of vacationing with coconut scented quicksand dough.  All you’ll need is cornflour, sand, and coconut scented hair conditioner.  Your kids will be ready to get out the sunblock and beach towels!

7. July- Patriotic Playdough

Skip on the heat of hot summer days by playing inside with these cool patriotic playdoughs.  Each is scented for extra sensory fun.  Get more information from Motherhood On A Dime.

8. August- Planetary Playdough

August is a time to spend your last days of summer under the stars.  Have fun learning about the galaxy and then building your own with this perfect planetary playdough.  Add lots of sparkles!  Find the recipe and directions from Twodaloo.

9. September- Apple Cinnamon Playdough

To me, September is all about settling into a new school year.  Fall is on it’s way, temperatures are cooling down, and evenings are best spent snuggled up with warm and pleasant pleasures.  Apple cinnamon is the perfect flavor to represent all these things.  Your kids will love the scent of this apple cinnamon playdough and will get hours of fun out of the soft and moldable recipe.

10. October- Spooky Sculpting Dough

Sometimes it’s all about the packaging!  Take your favorite playdough recipe and put it into these adorable Halloween-inspired containers.  I love this for a non-candy Halloween option to give to close friends and family.

11. November- Pumpkin Spice Playdough

Pumpkin spice and everything nice!  What a perfect playdough recipe to make for the season of pumpkin pies.  This is one of the softest playdough recipes we’ve made and we often choose to make it throughout the year.  Get the directions and recipe from The Idea Room.

12. December- Gingerbread Playdough

Making gingerbread houses is a serious business in our house.  We love everything about it from baking the dough to designing and constructing the house to decorating all the tiny details.  It IS a rather expensive hobby though so sometimes we build our festive houses with gingerbread playdough instead.  The best part is that unlike a real gingerbread house, you can deconstruct and build several houses each holiday season.  We’ve also found that it makes for a fun neighbor and friend gift as well.

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