How to Parent Through The Pain of Migraines (10 Tips for Moms in Pain)

For anyone who suffers from chronic migraines, you know how frustrating it is to be at the whim of your body, and, ultimately, the pain.  You feel out of control, frustrated, angry, and even scared.  Not every suggested remedy will work for you and your body, but something from somewhere WILL.  Listen to your body.  Try what suggestions feel right for you.  Keep going and going until you find the relief you both need and deserve.  Here are 10 ideas to try to hopefully get you on the path to wellness.

1. Headache Remedies

Infographics are great for a quick look at helpful info.  Dr. Axe has put together this nice infographic for potential headache remedies from a gluten-free diet to a cayenne muscle rub.

2. Salty Himalayan Lemonade

Adding salt to water can help reduce the pain of migraines by restoring balance where it has otherwise been compromised. Himalayan salt is the most complete salt in the world containing 84 minerals, electrolytes, and elements (84 of a total of 118!!).  Check out Suhanijain for the recipe.

3.  Essential Oils

Using essential oils is a natural, more gentle approach to treating migraines than pills and other drugs.  Essential oils have been proven to provide relief, aid circulation and reduce stress. They also have a variety of other health benefits and boost your immune system where drugs can otherwise create dependency and damage.  Read more from Dr. Axe.

4. Sweet Lavender Lemonade

Lavender has been shown to help improve symptoms of anxiety, depression, and headaches.  Get this sweet recipe here.

5. Hot & Cold

Try an ice pack on the back of your neck and head to numb the pain while simultaneously soaking in a warm tub or foot bath.  The heat will help reduce muscle tension that might be causing your migraine.  Read more about a hot and cold compress from Positive Med.

6. Headache Eliminating Diet

I have learned first hand of the power of diet when it comes to treating chronic pain.  Sometimes all it takes is the simple removal or inclusion of a specific food that makes all the difference between being in pain or not.  Find the infographic here.

7. Yoga

8. Migraine Prevention Vitamins

If you suffer from chronic migraines, you know that diet and lifestyle play a critical role in managing your symptoms.  Taking 10 specific vitamins recommended by Migraine Savvy will help you proactively regain a sense of control of your life.

9. Herbs for Relief

Confessions Of An Over-Worked Mom suggests 7 herbs for relieving migraine pain.  Read more about which herbs are recommended and how to get them here.

10. Acupuncture

Over-the-counter drugs and prescriptions not working?  Try acupuncture for a more natural approach to wellbeing.  Read more from Top 10 Home Remedies.

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