12 Boredom Busting Activities for Kids

1. Wall Bop

Bop away boredom with Wall Bop.  To play, stick 26 Post-It notes, each with a different letter of the alphabet, on a closed door or wall.  Mark a “toss” line on the floor 5 or so feet away from the door.  Then, while standing on the line, have your kids toss a soft ball or rolled up pair of socks at the letters.  You can have your kids try to knock out spelling words or you can assign a point value to each letter and see who can earn the most points after a round of 10 tosses.  Keep moving the toss line back for a greater challenge.


2. Cotton Ball Crawl

Crawl away the yawns with Cotton Ball Crawl.  The game is simple enough but kids love it!  All you need to do is dump a pile of cotton balls on the floor in the center of a room.  Put an empty bowl somewhere in a neighboring room.  Set a timer for 3-5 minutes and once you say “GO!”, have your child move all the cotton balls, one at a time, into the bowl using only a spoon or spatula and by crawling on hands and knees.  Make things more interesting by having your kids try to beat their time each round.

3. Cast-Away Croquet

Set up a game of indoor croquet using construction paper and/or paper towel and toilet paper rolls.  There’s no doubt you’ll cast away boredom with this game!  Get the details from Toddler Approved.

4. No Dud Spud

Here’s a no dud activity for some fun and great laughs.  Holding a potato between their knees, have kids race to drop the spud in a bucket about 15 or so feet away.  No hands allowed once the potato is between the knees and racers must start over if the spud falls before making it into the bucket.  See idea on Parenting.com.

5. Ready…Aim…

Fire away at boredom with some Nerf gun target practice.  Set up light weight objects around a room (think toilet paper rolls, empty bottles, etc) and let your kids take aim.  See who can hit the most in one round or have them team up to hit all the targets before time runs out.

6. Wiggles & Giggles

Need to get out some wiggles?  Pull out the wiggle jar!  Print these cards from Home School Share and place them in a jar.  When everyone’s in need of a good wiggle, pull a card or two (or three or four) from the jar and perform the activities.  Get out energy and have some good giggles along the way…  Can’t go wrong with that!

7. No Complaint Paint Hunt

Bring an end to complaints of boredom with a no complaint paint hunt!  Have your little explorers seek out items in and/or out of the house that match the colors, as closely as possible, on some paint chips.  Pick up free paint chips from local hardware or paint stores. You can always set a timer for the hunt to keep things interesting.

8. H-O-R-S-E, of course!

Stuck inside on a rainy day?  Play some indoor H-O-R-S-E, of course!  Bring this classic basketball game inside by setting up basket or can and having kids try to make a shot from certain spots around the room.  For every missed shot, your child takes a letter of the word “horse”.  First one to spell the entire word loses that round.  For more information, visit What Moms Love.

9. Snack Grab

Want to stretch out the time a little longer before snack time?  Snack grab is a game that’ll do just that and burn some extra energy along the way.  Stick some tape on the ground in a straight or zigzag line leading from the table to the pantry or fridge.  Have your Little Acrobats walk the line, choosing one item from the pantry at a time to bring back to the table and create a lunch.  If they step off the line they can’t have that item.  Yikes!  You’ll never see them concentrate harder!  Idea from Parenting.com.

10. Strike Up Some Fun

Create an indoor friendly set of bowling pins to strike up some fun.  All you need are some empty plastic bottles, a small ball, and a bit of spare room.  Read more here.

11. Bright Idea!

Nighttime boredom can sometimes be the worst!  You don’t want to leave on a school night and it’s too dark (or cold) to play outside.  Instead, have some fun right at home with a glow-in-the-dark egg hunt.   This bright idea will be sure to get your kids “glowing!”

12. Whistle While You Work

Drum up some fun with a few household items and a little imagination.  Help your Little Rockstars make their own instruments using household items from shoe boxes to rubber bands, plastic spoons, and paper towel rolls.  This is one activity where you’ll be sure to whistle while you work!  Check out How We Learn for 42 DIY homemade instruments.

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